Spectacle Lenses

As an independent practice we are  able to provide you with high performance spectacle lenses from top manufacturers such as Hoya, Nikon, Essilor, Seiko and Zeiss.

We have chosen Hoya as our main supplier due to their exceptionally high quality, broad spectrum of products and value for money that seems unrivalled in the sector.  As a Hoya Lens Specialist Practice we are able to provide custom made high performance spectacle lenses that are individually tailored to suit your needs.

All of our lenses are available in high index materials to improve the aesthetic appearance and reducing the weight.  Most lens designs are also available as a Transition photochromic.

Utilising the latest technology, we have a direct computer link to Hoya’s UK production facility in Wrexham.  Using this technology we are able to graphically demonstrate the effect of changing lens parameters such as increasing frame size or changing lens refractive index, on the overall look and feel of your new spectacles.  It also means we can provide rapid delivery times with real time information as your lenses move along the production process.