Contact Lenses

Whether you wear daily disposables or need something more complicated we have the knowledge, experience and technology to achieve successful, comfortable contact lens wear for you. As we are not tied to any particular brand or manufacturer we are able to order the exact contact lens that best suits your eyes and needs. For patients that require complex lens fitting we can arrange access to state of the art computerised corneal mapping equipment.

Drawing on experience from the hospital eye service and refractive surgery industry our aim is to fit anyone that wants contact lenses, so no matter how complex your prescription we can probably fit you with high performance contact lenses to suit your daily lifestyle.

We are also able to offer complex lens fitting and after care for patients with keratoconus and post operative refractive surgery (PRK, LASIK, etc) patients.

Once we have successfully fitted you with your contact lenses, we offer a comprehensive after care service. This ensures the health of your eyes is maintained, any problems can be identified early before they develop into something more serious.

As part of our after care plan emergency appointments are available to you as well as discounts on spectacles, sunglasses, solutions and regular eye examinations.